Daniela is a famous actress in the crime series “NCIS: Los Angeles.” The series is in the middle of an exciting season. Actually, a lot of action is expected. In July, Daniela and her co-actor Eric Christian Olsen informed fans that some great things are lined up for them in this fascinating crime series.

Notably, Daniela Ruah is reportedly pregnant. Her pregnancy is caused the writer of the show to fine-tune the storyline. Daniela Ruah revealed the fact that she tried her best to hide the pregnancy in the course of the show. The directors are shifting the storyline so that Daniela’s situation can fit in.

Daniela Ruah had previously taken a maternity leave. However, the contract still stands. Actually, in the storyline, her character plays a significant part.

The interesting series is on a break currently. However, you can watch Episode 11 of Season 8 on December 18, 2016, on CBS at 7:00 Pm. In Australia, the episode will air on Channel 10.

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