Rihanna is a famous pop star. She has made it big in the entertainment industry. She is a Grammy Awards winning artist who has had a turbulent life. Regardless of her unstable love life, she is one of the most decorated pop artists of all time.

On December 6, 2016, the Grammy Awards nominations were announced. Imagine what, Rihanna has received 8 nominations. Notably, none of these nominations was in the Album of the Year or even the song of the year category.

The fans are already trying to stir up some drama between Rihanna and Beyonce with regard to the nominations. A section of the fans believes that Beyonce was favored over Rihanna. Others believe that Rihanna received those nominations to prevent her feeling bad regarding Beyonce’s nominations. Beyonce has received nine nominations for “Lemonade”

It appeared as if Rihanna was insinuating that Beyonce had been unfairly nominated by liking an Instagram post. The post’s captions imply that Beyonce was favored over Rihanna. Afterward rumors of a feud between the two artists appeared.

Rihanna received the news regarding the conversation and she quickly clarified things. She said that she had merely looked at the image in the post, which according to her was funny and moved right along. The caption read “I think they didn’t want her passing or tied someone else *cough cough* {lemon emogi} She went ahead to say that, there was no need of putting black women against each other. Black women deserve to be celebrated for which the Grammy Academy concurs.

The fact is the Grammy Academy has put out the year’s leading albums.

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